Clearway Watch ᵀᴹ

 Clearway Watch™ is designed to assist congestion and help ensure nominated  Clearway Zones are clear from traffic and avoid costly Goverment penalties.

It’s not worth the risk!
Application Features

Prevent your Vehicle being towed from a Clearway and impounded.

Prevent your Vehicle being towed from a Clearway and impounded.

Use our registration, insurance, and licence reminder portal. You will not forget to renew and save yourself from costly fines or a worse scenario.

General Parking Timer, set your own timer to alert you when you meter or sign expires. You can even Pin Your vehicle; this feature is great in large shopping centres or unfamilar locations you may park.

Registration, Insurance and Licence reminder portal.Every Australian Capital City included where Clearways Apply. Together we can beat the System!

Current issues direct you’re your phone with instant result, Its Great Fun.

About Clearway Watch ™

Clearway Watch™ is an application designed to help prevent high towing charges and Government infringement notices. (Sometimes up to $700 AUD). Please help Clearway Watch TM beat the system. Join our community; help with congestion and potentially save you from being towed, fined, inconvenienced, or all of the above.

Your Donation

The owner of this Application is NOT a tech Company, not a person with deep pockets; rather someone that has witnessed 1000’s of cars being towed from a busy Melbourne Street over a period of 10 years.

Witnessing vehicles being towed during Covid19 when there was next to no traffic on the road, together with the grief associated with this archaic system, the owner was motived to produce this Clearway Application. (

The goal is to help beat the Government, the associated greed and contempt for the people it serves.

Applications are expensive to build and maintain. Help the Community win this battle any donation is very much appreciated.  

Help maintain the Application and BEAT the system.
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How Clearway Watch Application Works

Once the application understands that you are stopped in a Clearway (Synced with Google Maps) it will send a notification suggesting you check the regulatory signs. From here you can simply set a pre-set timer or dismiss the notification. If you live or work on the street you can snooze that particular Clearway should you wish. Please ensure you abide by the settings recommended, this is essential.


Every care has been taken with the input of the Clearway Zones, they are synced with Google maps. Securitas Pty Ltd, its designers, developers and associates take no responsibility should an error be found to be evident. Should you identify an error please let us know.


Contact Us

Contact us with any ideas, anomalies, images or videos that relate to the Clearway System.